Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pals from abroad!

In the last couple of weeks I've really been appreciative of my friends who live in far off lands.

Leslie, the creative and amazing talent that she is, sent me a very lovely home-made dress - it was such a delightful surprise after a long work day to receive such a nice treat! I will add some photos some time soon. It's so amazing to have pals with so much skill and creativity! Here's hoping we get a chance to visit together in Edmonton this summer. I would so love to see both Leslie and her little girls!!!

Last week, our friends from Wisconsin came to TO for the long week-end, to get one last trip in before Baby #2 arrives in the summer. We had lots of time to visit and had a great time enjoying tasty meals and fun board gaming! They are a delightful pair and we were sad to see them go. Here's hoping we get a chance to visit again with them in Wisconsin some time! [Side note: they brought some chocolate covered cherries ... not the maraschino cherries, but like big giant cherry Glossettes ... soooooooooo yummy!]

So, here's to good friends abroad!!!


Rhianna said...

Um, cherry glossettes sound amazing. And like the perfect new movie snack!

Sarah said...

So true, Rhianna! They are great for movie-time ... and breakfast ... er, really any time! I will be very, very sad when our supply runs out.