Saturday, May 07, 2011

Springtime in Toronto

As this morning was particularly beautiful and sunny, I decided to bring along the camera to capture some of the beauty blooming around the neighborhood right now. In particular, I was eager to catch some snaps of the gorgeous, but short-lived, Magnolia blossoms. Due to a cold spring, these lovely flowers showed up a little later than the norm, and since I will be away in Halifax for most of the upcoming week, I fear I will miss most of their annual glory. Thankfully, Toronto only gets more lush as spring turns into summer, so there is plenty to look forward to in the coming weeks!

I am very, very excited to go to Nova Scotia - it will be my first voyage to the Maritimes, but hopefully the first of many! The purpose of the trip is the CAC Annual Meeting, where I will be delivering a short paper. But aside from the academic side of things, I think I will have a great time with my schoolmates checking out the amazing harbor city.

Magnolias in bloom.

Sunny yellow Tulips.

Springtime Dolly.

Ahhh, Daffodils!

Brightest red Tulips.

Dolls n' Dad.


Jen27 said...

Such pretty pics, Sarah! So glad to see that everything is blooming. And gotta love Springtime Dolly ;)

Sarah said...

Thanks, Jen! Hope you are enjoying the spring so far!