Monday, October 03, 2011

Ten Years of Tony!

Yes, if you can believe it, Tony and I have been together for ten years! In fact, a little over a decade. We always celebrate our anniversary some time in September in lieu of a specific date, and this past Friday was our McBaker-versary! We began the day with a quiet breakfast at home with Dolly, which was very relaxing and pleasant. During the afternoon, we went to the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 3D IMAX Experience ... it was every bit as awesome as it sounds! There were only about six other people in the ginormous theatre, and we happily munched away on popcorn lunch - total delight!

For dinner, we went to L'Unita, which offers exquisite Italian fare in an aesthetically pleasing, yet cozy and homey, environment. Oh, the food!!! We shared a great bottle of wine, quite simply the greatest Caesar salad around, and panelle fritta with basil aioli (basically creamy whipped potato concoction fried in big squares ... mmmmmmm!). Tony had the pan-seared scallops, which were layered with generous pieces of house-cured bacon, and placed over balsamic roasted apples and dandelion greens ... it was to die for! I had the very enjoyable spaghetti alla carbonara, which featured fresh egg, house made pancetta, and pecorino. All in all, it was a fabulous meal fit to top off a truly enjoyable anniversary day!

We enjoyed reflecting on the past decade, and look forward to many years in the future!

An anniversary Photobooth pic ... with our beagle girl, of course!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations...sounds like you had a fabulous day and you all look amazing.
Look forward to seeing you on Sunday.
Lots of love Helen and Dad

Jen27 said...

Yay! Huge congrats to you and Tony. Sounds like you had a truly lovely day! :)

leslie said...

congratulations of your decade of good times, guys!!! xoxo

Mister Cranky said...

Okay, slightly late: Happy Ten Year Thingamabob!